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KPA is proud to welcome 

Scott Yoffe to the KPA family

                                                                     Scott is a veteran public and media relations professional with more than 24 years of                                                                 experience in the field, including 21 seasons with the National Football League’s                                                                          San Diego Chargers. Scott’s fields of expertise include public relations, media                                                                                relations, marketing communications, social media, media training, crisis management, graphic design and desktop publishing. Scott has an extensive background in putting together media plans for a varying number of circumstances. It includes leading media campaigns, delivering and disseminating strategic messaging and sensitive information, corporate communications, strategic use of social media, media training and crisis management.
For more on Yoffe visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/scott-yoffe-communications-4769b38/. 

October 2017

KPA is proud to welcome

Ashley Poirier and RadHatter Marketing to the KPA family

For over six years, Ashely has been connecting people to products, customers to services, and donors to charities. She offers a variety of marketing, branding, and graphic design services to help elevate your non-profit. Her passion is storytelling--crafting strategic, inspiring narratives, both visually and verbally, that captivate an audience and elevate your brand. Through creative design, compelling messaging and resourceful execution, she brings your stories to life. Let’s collaborate and discover a fresh way to translate your ideas into reality.
Ashley is the creative force and executioner behind Rad Hatter Marketing.