Every so often, an organization will experience the unexpected loss of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with no clear succession plan in place. When that happens and there’s no clear path to transition and introduce a new leader, it can be problematic for staff, board members and donors. That’s why Keith Padgett is a name you need to know.
Padgett is an experienced leader with more than 45 years in the nonprofit sector who can temporarily fill the leadership void and reassure all constituents as an interim CEO until a new, permanent CEO is hired. In the meantime, KPA is capable of actively recruiting and vetting viable candidates for interview and hire by the board.
It takes a unique skill-set to thrive as a CEO in the nonprofit sector and understanding an organization’s staff, board members and culture is key to finding that perfect match. Let KPA help you take that next step.
KPA prefers Keith take on the role of interim CEO while KPA actively recruits and vets viable candidates for interview and hire by the board. However, schedule permitting, Keith will serve as interim CEO while the board or another headhunting firm finds the permanent CEO.

As interim CEO there is no charge for retreats if the organization would like to conduct one prior to the hiring of the new CEO.

“We were in a very difficult position financially and we needed someone to come in and get us back on track,” says Carlos Loweree, who is on the Board of the El Paso Boys and Girls Club. “Keith, in all of his infinite wisdom, brought us a lot more than experience – he brought action behind his words.
“He is a simply a fountain of information and knowledge – and he had answers for every single question we had,” Loweree adds. “The children here will never really know how much he did for them in the short time he was here. He set the bar. What he did for us was priceless in terms of getting us organized, and getting our brand and name out in the community. He put us in a position to where we’re on the way back. He tossed up a softball and now it’s up to us to knock it out of the park, which we will – and it’s all because of him."

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