​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Keith Padgett & Associates

Fund Raising

Capital Campaigns

Keith Padgett successfully completed a $7 Million Capital Campaign. From the outside, it may have looked effortless. Like magic. We announce our goal and presto, we were celebrating success!
How does it all happen? How can you pull off big-time results like this for your organization? 
It is of course not easy, it is very hard work! But, follow our advice and you'll find those larger gifts start coming. 
And even if you're not in a campaign, you can use our strategies now, in your everyday fundraising, to bring in the big gifts.

Below are pictures of the result of our $7 million Campaign.

Special Events

KPA has successfully produced a variety of special events large & small:

  • Million dollar net dinners
  • 10 NBA All Star games with many of the greatest players in NBA history
  • Scores of golf tournaments, large and small
  • Wine Tastings
  • Bachelor and Bachelorette auctions
  • Celebrity Polo events
  • Walk-A-Thons netting a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • Bocce Ball Tournaments
  • Bowling events netting over $250,000

​You can have special events for many different reasons. You can have a special event to:

  • ​Build membership
  • Get clients
  • Introduce prospective donors to your cause
  • Thank current donors
  • Earn big bucks. 

Special events are time consuming. They can be frustrating and exhausting. Great events are fun to hold and attend, fill your donor pipeline and make a lot of money. If your board, the people closest to the mission other than your clients, can’t commit, think twice about having it. There are other ways to fund your mission.