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Executive Recruitment

A recent Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC) survey reported CEO hunts took longer in 2016 than in 2015.

Today, candidates can be more selective, and nonprofits are finding their leadership positions left vacant for longer as a result.

The growth of social enterprise and purpose-driven business is also making it harder to compete for talented executives. Purpose-driven leaders who may have once seen the nonprofit sector as the only place to pursue a meaningful mission are now exploring new options in the private sector.

These changing dynamics are not only causing longer vacancies in nonprofit executive roles. They're also driving up leadership turnover. You know turnover can cost an organization as much as double an individual’s salary, and your nonprofit doesn’t have that kind of money to burn. You have to get an executive search right the first time. Forty-one percent of those surveyed by AESC said tenure was the most important metric of a successful candidate, and research shows candidates placed by executive search firms stayed in their roles longer.

KPA does Executive Coaching in conjunction with your CEO Search

KPA will continue to work with your organization even after your search has closed.  We will focus on bringing new leaders up to speed on the nuances of your organization and their role in order to ensure a smooth transition both functionally and culturally. ​

KPA knows your industry

One of the most important tasks of a board of directors is hiring the right Chief Executive Officer. It can be a difficult and dubious task, but it is essential to an organization’s long-term success.
KPA offers unequaled access to a host of qualified CEO candidates. KPA is trained to ask the right questions to determine how well a candidate truly understands the nonprofit sector and how qualified they are to successfully fulfill the mission of your nonprofit.
KPA understands the competitive landscape for the role you're aiming to fill (including comparative compensation standards) and has a solid grasp of the competencies and traits required to succeed as a leader at an organization such as yours. 
Our leadership team will help you evaluate candidates based on the role they play in mission advancement and the realization of the goals established in your strategic plan. 
KPA's executive search is about more than skills and experience, it’s about finding candidates who have a passion to advance your organization’s mission and goals and positioning them to succeed.