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Boys & Girls Clubs of Riverside

“He’s the best I’ve ever met in this area,” Eric Heffner says of Padgett, who was President of San Diego’s Boys and Girls Clubs when Heffner sat on the board.

“An absolute master in every respect when it comes to a project like the one we had. Keith is in high demand because of his ability to fund-raise and put together a strong and dynamic board of directors and programs for organizations like the Boys and Girls Clubs.”


“We were in a very difficult position financially and we needed someone to come in and get us back on track,” says Carlos Loweree, who is on the Board of the El Paso Boys and Girls Club. “Keith, in all of his infinite wisdom, brought us a lot more than experience – he brought action behind his words.“He is simply a fountain of information and knowledge – and he had answers for every single question we had,” Loweree adds.

“The children here will never really know how much he did for them in the short time he was here. He set the bar. What he did for us was priceless in terms of getting us organized, and getting our brand and name out in the community.

Keith put us in a position to where we’re on the way back. He tossed up a softball and now it’s up to us to knock it out of the park, which we will – and it’s all because of him.” 


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​​Clients have included:

  • Boys & Girls Clubs of America
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of El Paso
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Redlands
  • BRIDGE Investment Group Holdings
  • Multiple Sclerosis Society
  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Central Florida
  • Scottie Pippen Foundation 
  • Cliff Levingston, NBA player
  • Gary Payton Foundation